It has been developed so that it can be both used as cadillac and enables user to perform all of the tower motions thanks to its cage system.

It is made of first class beech tree. It is resistant to fluids as it is finished in four layers of special, opaque varnish.

Equipment is resistant to humidity thanks to the plastic covers placed under its legs and does not slip on the floor.

Equipment upholstery is made of first class, antibacterial leather

Equipment construction is made of iron coated with chrome

8 connection points that attach wood to the bars ensure high fixation and balance.

All of the equipment strings are made of first class steel.

The number of upper group of strings is 12 (blue, yellow, green, red short items, two of each color) (blue-yellow long items, two of each color)

2 transparent strings are used as holder for trapeze.


• WOODEN BED: Width 74 cm X Length 210 cm X Height 59 cm • TOWER: Width 74 cm X Height 190 cm • GENERAL: Width 74 cm X Length 220 cm X Height 215 cm (the distance between the bottom point on the floor to the highest end of the equipment H:215 cm)

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